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Personal Narrative

Dare 2 Share
            Last February, my youth group and I went to Dare 2 Share, and it changed my life. My life was changed in a positive way. I have to thank my mom for letting me go to Omaha for two nights for this opportunity. I loved the experience I had while I was there. It all started with my youth group.
            My youth group and I headed down to Omaha for the event. I felt a rush go through my body. I wasn’t sure what it was. Was it excitement, nervousness? I don’t really know, but all I could think of was how hot it was in the car. We finally got there, we had unloaded our stuff had taken it to our rooms. We had gotten there pretty early, and we had some extra time before D2S started. We had gone to the mall to waste time. I bought a pair of shorts because it was hot, and I got a new hat while I was there. It was almost time for D2S, so we had to leave and stand in line for the show. We got there a little bit early, so we could get our bracelets passed around, if we didn’t have them we couldn’t enter. We all went in, and we didn’t have assigned seats like other youth groups. We sat pretty close to the stage since we got there so early. The stadium wasn’t full yet since the doors just opened. One of my church leader wanted to spend the time by doing something fun. We played dare, he made us do some fun/crazy things. I had to go all the way over to the other side and ask somebody for his shoe size! I did some other stuff like hug a stranger, wear someone’s hat, etc. After a while of playing that, the stadium began to fill up. Everyone settled down and a band went on stage, and it played lots of beautiful songs. After the band went off stage, a young African American woman started speaking praising the Lord in an amazing voice. We then had the opportunity to meet the speakers. They all introduced each other. Next, we watched a play about kids being bullied, it was very motivating.
            The next day we went again, and we talked a little in the morning. Then, we were sent to random locations. We had to find some strangers and let or help them find God. The first couple of times a lot of people said, “no thank you, I’ll pass”. I felt like I couldn’t do it anymore. I thought, wow, people do this for a living, and it is really hard. We finally meet Allison, maybe in her early twenties, we stopped her and talked a little about God; I ended our conversation with a prayer, I asked for God to let her find her way to him. Now, I was feeling satisfied because I helped someone. We then moved on to some more people, we got turned down some more, I tried to be somewhat happy and think about Allison and how we helped her. We finally got to talk to other girls and help God into their lives. We ended our adventure with Starbucks.
            After that we headed back to the stadium for the last time. We all took a group picture when we got there since of course we got there early. We all headed back in the stadium. I was pretty sad that it was already the last time in there. One of the speakers named Zane was talking about bears and lions. It was about how David, a really weak person, killed Goliath a huge person compared to him. David didn’t ever want to fight him because he was weak compared to his tough brothers. David faced his fears and saw his brothers, and knew they couldn’t do it by themselves. We then saw a play of how this guy had let God into his life, and how he was abused, it was very sad. Afterwards all the leaders came on stage and told everyone to make a single line and have them say their fears and then write them down on the black board. People were saying, “I’m glad I have God in my life because I almost committed suicide.” I was in tears when everyone went by and said all those things. After the line ended, they painted the boards all white and made a big red cross in the middle. That day everyone got rid of their sins and fears.

            The thing I really learned from this experience is that God can do amazing things. I know for a fact that those two days were one of my favorites in my entire life. I now know how much God can do and how much he cares for everyone. God is the number one man in my life. When something is wrong I know I can talk to him and give him my fears. I now don’t go to church because of my family store, and it hurts I can’t go. It doesn’t mean I don’t love God; I love him but I show it in different ways. People show it by going to church. I would love to do that but I can’t due to my store. Besides God knows I love him, and he loves me.


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