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descriptive paragraph

Shorter than everyone. Short black hair, usually mistaken for a baby boy. Her skin is lighter than mine. You can notice her beautiful shaped eyebrows. Her small round nose is the the cutest. You can notice here smile across her face and her little teeth showing across the room. Her dimples will have you saying “awe so cute” the deepest holes in her cheeks. You can see her crawling very slowly across the room with no shoes on. Her big pajamas dangle, while she picks up one leg and trying to walk. She is one of the funniest babies, trying to sing her song ia ia o. I spot her at the end of the day waving bye to everyone.


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Personal Narrative

Dare 2 Share Last February, my youth group and I went to Dare 2 Share, and it changed my life. My life was changed in a positive way. I have to thank my mom for letting me go to Omaha for two nights for this opportunity. I loved the experience I had while I was there. It all started with my youth group. My youth group and I headed down to Omaha for the event. I felt a rush go through my body. I wasn’t sure what it was. Was it excitement, nervousness? I don’t really know, but all I could think of was how hot it was in the car. We finally got there, we had unloaded our stuff had taken it to our rooms. We had gotten there pretty early, and we had some extra time before D2S started. We had gone to the mall to waste time. I bought a pair of shorts because it was hot, and I got a new hat while I was there. It was almost time for D2S, so we had to leave and stand in line for the show. We got there a little bit early, so we could get our bracelets passed around, if we didn’t have them we could…

Descriptive Essay

My grandma I’ve always called my Grandma Manuela, her nickname Mama Chela. Why? I really don’t know, I just have. My Mama Chela has problems with her kidney. It’s damaged, and it has problems eliminating waste and unwanted water from her blood’ so she has to get dialysis every three days. I know she can get through it, I’ve seen that she has gotten better until a week ago when she had to be rushed to the doctors. Instead of getting better, she was getting worse. Everything is better now because she fought through it. My grandma has short black curls. She has tan skin. Her skin is bloated because of her kidney problems. She is pretty short, just a little bit taller than me. Her whole body is inflated and she’s missing a toe because she had cancer in it. I always hear her speak Spanish. She always says she misses me and loves me. Whenever I hug her, I smell the scent of her delicious food. Mama Chela has always been a strong fighter to me. She has gone through a lot of difficult times in …