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UNL writing marathon

I approach towards the Sheldon art museum with my group. I then quickly rushed in with excitement. The building was huge in the inside I was amazed by all the stairs the glass walls it was all breath taking. My leader Tina lets us explore, a rush of excitement just ran across my body. I hurry up on side of the stair. “Oh wow this is amazing,” I screamed with delight! I had two doors to pick tough decision, so I just picked the closes one aka the lift door. I then slowly approach in with my friends the whole room is dark, at first I was nervous to walk in anymore. I slowly started walking room to room then I started jumping room to room, until the big scary face sculpture. It was like almost as big as me with this sketchy face with words that said something like the rise of hell. So that was when I was like I’m out of here. I then began to look at some amazing, beautiful, breathtaking, and one of s kind paintings and sculptures. There was a total of four big rooms filled with all dif…

"I Am From" poem

I am from shrimp tamales Christmas night year 2011 On top of the stairs with my cousin Taking of the corn husk slowly gone in three bits I am from posole de puerco Christmas year 2010 In the kitchen with my family A small bowl filled with hot rojo posole Lettice on top with cucumbers Salty chips on the side Fresh lime I am from Birria de res Birthday party year 2016 In my backyard with my friends and family Plate filled with orange rice, beans and, birria de res Onion and cilantro sprinkled on my meat Homemade tortillas on the side It all slowly disappears I am from Homemade tacos Summer 2015 Hand homemade tortillas Made with natural ingredients Meat ready to be placed on the grill Some people chopping onions others cilantro Fresh rolo y verde salsas put in bowls All of our bellies began to growl Plates slowly getting filled All done! I am from A loving Mexican family And all these amazing homemade dishes The list will slowly grow bigger and bigger, endlessly So many opti…